Congrats Joanne!

We have long suspected that the awesome Seasonal Programs Manager, and now also the Volunteer Manager for Britepaths, Joanne Walton, has found some sort of secret to insert more hours into her days!

In addition to all the wonderful work she does with Britepaths families and volunteers, she also is an active volunteer at her kids' schools, is a co-founder of Fairfax County SEPTA, and is active in many other causes and initiatives.

Joanne is also the Collect for Kids "Queen of Social Media" and an integral part of the overall success.

We are excited for her for winning a Volunteer Fairfax Volunteer Service "Community Champion" Award for Fairfax County's Braddock District. Braddock Supervisor John C. Cook nominated her, and presented her with the award today.

A much deserved honor. Congratulations, Joanne!

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